Iranian Diaspora Unity Exhibition

I acted as Community Engagement Consultant for an art project and exhibition, ‘Iranian diaspora: stories of sanctuary and solidarity’. The project delves into the intricate themes of migration, uprooting, displacement, and solidarity. The exhibition at gallery@oxo, Oxo Tower Wharf, draws attention to the plight of Iranian refugees in particular and refugees in general, including the broader aspects of what that term embodies on a deeply human level.

Photovoice Projects

I led on a WHO supported project asking how participants in the Italian arm of the Self-Help Plus (SH+) trial experienced the intervention. We conducted a photovoice project around the evaluation with SH+ participants. People were trained in photography techniques and took photos around the research question. These photos then formed the basis for two focus group discussions with other people who received SH+ (see an the photo from Kevin Felix opposite). I’m currently working with mums from Maternity Voices Matter and Mummy’s Day Out on a photovoice project on inequalities in maternal health outcomes.  

Poetry Anthology

Using the poems from people’s interviews as a base, I worked with my PhD participants and KCL MSc students to create a poetry anthology. We are currently working with schools to use the anthology as a learning material for social education and English classes. Read the full anthology here.

Poem from Morteza, an Iranian refused asylum

I’ve seen this place before, I was passing through,
I didn’t come out of my room and I withdrew,
My entire body was bloodied and eaten,
I thought that here they value what is true.