Decolonising Education

I am working to decolonising university education. As part of these efforts I am leading on the development and delivery of a new module at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School on ‘Decolonising Health: Reimagining Health Equity’. This module teams up with anti-extractivism campaigns such as Resist Glencore and the People’s Health Tribunal to encourage students to make meaningful change with the knowledge they develop. We are also partnering, and sharing knowledge with, colleagues and students in Colombia, and the Yukpa indigenous community. Alongside this work I am supporting the Medical Schools Gaza Solidarity Group.

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Migrant Connections Festival​

The Migrant Connections Festival is a migrant-led festival of art, music, campaigning and healing activities. We aim to create a space of community and solidarity via education and creativity for people of all backgrounds. It is about creating a microcosm of the world we want to see, one where immigration status doesn’t dictate how we relate to each other. I founded the festival in 2017. In addition to the festival we’ve hosted film screenings, created a cook book, and curated a spoken word poetry evening.  

Speaking Statues​

Speaking Statues is an activist group trying to raise awareness about British colonialism and the impact it has today. We’re currently organizing a series of events on structural racism and colonialism (in response to the whitewashed government report). As part of this work, I facilitated a workshop on structural racism in the asylum process.

Walk and Talk Migrant Welcome Tours​

Walk and Talk Migrant Tours fosters community and builds solidarity with refugees and migrants through tours, grassroots campaigns and resources to support wellbeing for people too often left at the margins. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Walk and Talk has been on hiatus.